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Born in Algiers in 1972, in a family of publishers, Fodil Seddiki is very early confronted to graphic design at first manual, then computer-assisted. Very curious by nature, he quickly widens his universe, the eye turned towards distant lands where his desire of creative absolute would find its expression.

In Europe at first where he grows (Brussels and Paris) and afterward in the United States where he perfects his skills and develops an important part of his professional career.

It is in 1994 when Fodil Seddiki settles down in the United States. He co-founds in Boston with a friend a design studio called Exit33 and steers, for important American companies, several projects of marketing communication. He will unwind, in any occasion, certain talent in the process of visual identity creation and brand recognition of his institutional clients. His attachment to the simplicity and the clarity of the ” graphic message ” brings him, from then on, for his logotypes and corporate identities, various prizes and multiple orders.

Returning to Europe after a complete decade in the USA, Fodil Seddiki dedicates himself in the search of a more Mediterranean inspiration, a ressourcement in a sense. In Barcelona, city of art by excellence, Fodil Seddiki finds his inspiration in a multitude of historical representations or architectural styles. His passion for this city and Its creative energy drive him to create a company where from Granada Design concept will rise and develop, inspired by an exceptionally rich environment, artistic expressions of a surprising personality.

Fodil Seddiki continues nevertheless to steer important design projects.


Contact : fodil@seddiki.com